LLB and Bachelor of Business Administration

Amity University, Dubai


Member of the Bar Council of India






Arabic (Beginner)

Nimi Mariam Sam


Nimi is an experienced lawyer with almost a year of service at KN Legal, focusing on corporate transactions and company formations. She has prior internship experience at KN Legal and other renowned law firms in the UAE and India.

Nimi has a proven track record in assisting with share transfers and acquisitions, drafting legal agreements, and providing valuable insights on jurisdiction selection. Nimi’s expertise also extends to trademark registration, real estate transactions, will drafting, and confidentiality agreements with strong attention to detail and a client-centered approach.


Corporate Transactions

  • Assisting multiple companies with the share transfers and acquisition of shares and overseeing the drafting and preparation of all necessary legal documents for seamless execution.
  • Assisted a Foundation located in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) with their corporate restructuring, including the preparation of the requisite documents and providing valuable guidance throughout the process.

Company Formations

  • Assisting clients in the process of incorporating new companies locally and internationally in various locations and jurisdictions, including Dubai mainland, Abu Dhabi mainland, Dubai South, RAKICC, RAKEZ, DMCC, JAFZA, DIFC, and more, including preparing the necessary documentation, filing with the relevant authorities, and obtaining the required licenses and permits.
  • Providing general legal and business advisory services to clients, offering insights and recommendations on various matters related to corporate law, commercial transactions, and regulatory compliance.

Intellectual Property and Regulatory Compliance

  • Trademark Registration: Assisting clients in navigating the process of trademark registration and ensuring compliance with specifications set forth by the Ministry of Economy.
  • Assisting with the preparation and filing of various regulatory documents and compliance requirements like Economic Substance Regulations Notification.

Wills and Real Estate Registrations

  • Assisting clients in drafting legally binding wills to ensure the proper distribution of assets and adherence to their testamentary wishes. Facilitating the registration of wills with the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
  • Guiding clients through the registration process for off-plan units with the Dubai Land Department and Real Estate Regulatory Authority, ensuring legal compliance and smooth transactions.


Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • drafting confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements to safeguard sensitive information exchanged during transactions, protecting clients’ proprietary rights, and maintaining confidentiality.


Specialized Agreements and Legal Opinions

  • Assisting with drafting a profit-sharing agreement for the establishment of a Pets Spa Company, ensuring equitable distribution of profits and clear contractual obligations.
  • Drafting comprehensive share pledge agreements to establish clear terms and conditions regarding the pledge of shares as collateral.
  • Providing comprehensive legal opinions on various matters, including corporate tax implications, Emiratization compliance, and the viability of selling pet medications through an e-commerce platform, enabling clients to make informed business decisions.