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Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial

KN Legal offers a full spectrum of corporate and commercial legal services, including:

  • Company formation/business registration and licensing;
  • Corporate structuring and restructuring;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Private placements;
  • IPO listing and de-listing;
  • Venture capital;
  • Dissolution and liquidation;
  • Corporate governance; and,
  • Regulatory compliance.

We also assist clients with various commercial matters, including preparing and negotiating commercial agreements such as terms and conditions, marketing agreements, management agreements, sale and purchase agreements, agencies and distributorships, INCOTERMS, and customs restrictions.


When requested by our clients, our team can assist with managing and administering various legal entities, such as holding companies, trusts, and foundations. The spectrum of our support is vast, ranging from corporate restructuring, cross-border investments, foreign market entry, and tax optimization, to matters of local regulatory compliance.


Our client base comes from varying industries. We are attentive to corporate structures and models, business needs, and strategic goals. This allows us to cater to client needs, advise on solutions, and deliver value-added results in a manner that surpasses our client’s expectations.