Project & Corporate Finance

Project & Corporate Finance

KN Legal is one of the few Middle East law firms with an integrated corporate financing practice. Our strong capabilities and our team’s diversity make us more alert to the intrinsic relationship between financing and projects. We offer guidance on several financing options, such as:

  • Private equity;
  • Debt financing;
  • Bank-intermediated financing; and,
  • Market financing or initial public offering.

Our clients are well-served in traditional and emerging forms of financing, which enables us to cultivate practical solutions for our clients. We have the capability to advise, facilitate, execute, and oversee small-to-large financing matters relevant to projects and corporate transactions of any size locally and internationally.


Our team has represented founders, developers, contractors, investors, and financial institutions and, on relevant instances, governmental authorities. We collaborate with all participants necessary for the development, construction, financing, and operation of a project/corporate-financed facility. We also work alongside other professionals, such as certified auditors and accountants, to ensure comprehensive and holistic business solutions, including advising on tax implications, connected to the projects and transactions we are engaged in.


Project financing often involves large construction projects, primarily in infrastructure development and energy sectors. Projects of this nature are usually large and complex, involve rigorous documentation and rounds of negotiations, and frequently take months or years to complete.


Our combined knowledge, experience, and expertise on investment procedures help us ensure that our clients’ operations and projects run smoothly at all stages. Our team can assist you by advising on financing facilities options, financing structure, and drafting and negotiating related documents and agreements, as well as the execution of the transaction documents and projects.


Our FinTech sector also engages with project and corporate finance. We have a dedicated team comprised of leading FinTech lawyers in the Middle East who are robustly knowledgeable and highly experienced in FinTech sector and Sharia-compliant transactions. In our role as project counsel, we assist clients in taking advantage of emerging technologies to increase their economic strength and broaden their financial options. This enables us to help our clients stay at the forefront of financial innovations while helping them fulfill their comprehensive legal and regulatory obligations that align with their strategic direction.