Since our founding in 2012, KN Legal’s mission has been to deliver the same level of high-quality legal services our clients could find at a top international law firm, but without the bloated overhead and operational red tape.

By reducing operational expenses, high-priced real estate, and other wasteful spending, we have created a lean law firm that delivers winning results. Our clients have access to lawyers who have honed their skills at large global law firms, but through KN Legal can deliver support and counseling at a competitive rate.

With offices in the United States (Houston), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh and Khobar), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and the Kingdom of Bahrain (Manama), KN Legal is well-positioned to support clients with their domestic and cross-border legal needs.

Our attorneys are multilingual and possess immense knowledge about applicable laws, accepted business practices, and industry-specific regulations. This includes the intricacies of Sharia-compliant finance, construction, technology and intellectual property, cross-border structuring, conventional and renewable energy production, labor and employment, and more.

KN Legal lawyers are licensed to practice law in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Korea, and Lebanon. In addition to our physical offices in the global energy capitals of the world, our relationships with peer firms allow us to incorporate additional resources at a moment’s notice.

Our Approach to Managing Client Relationships

For every KN Legal client, we appoint a firm client relationship manager to give our clients a single point of contact who is responsible and accountable for all aspects of client service. In this role, our client relationship managers are responsible for:

  • Legal strategy – implementing a legal strategy for all matters that incorporates the understanding of the nuances of your business and your strategic goals;
  • Matter management & staffing strategy– creating a diverse team and efficiently executing the overall workflow process;
  • Client communications– educating the KN Legal team on the client’s preferences and communicating with the legal team consistently;
  • Client service– ensuring that the KN Legal team is responsive, proactive, and adheres to and exceeds the clients’ outside counsel expectations; and,
  • Client satisfaction– ensuring that the client is satisfied with our legal services and receiving any client feedback on our performance to enable our continuous process improvement.

Our Staffing Leverage

To deliver the most value to our clients, our senior attorneys handle complex, high-priority matters, and associates and support staff are responsible for more routine matters. We communicate with clients at the onset of the matter to understand their staffing objectives and then customize our team based on those priorities. Our associates have degrees from leading U.S. law schools, but they also know the local laws and customs of the international regions where we deliver services.

KN Legal takes pride in being a strategic partner to the firm’s clients. Offering solutions aligned with our client’s business needs is our highest priority.