Anoob has over fifteen years of experience managing and coordinating all aspects of the business field in Dubai. He manages the communication and processes between government entities and the firm to ensure various administrative operations, such as document processing, management of translations, and notarizations run smoothly. Anoob also ensures the accurate and timely submission of documents required for visa applications, work permits, trade licenses, and other legal requirements.


  • Application for employee visas and all related transactions.
  • Liaising with government entities to manage relevant processes and communication between the government entity and the firm.
  • Ensures compliance with legal regulations and requirements.
  • Assists employees with labor matters and their documentation, such as visas and appointments, attestations, and work permits.
  • Assists the firm with corporate matters such as trade licenses, license renewals, and business approvals.
  • Delivering documents to and between clients, government entities, and thecourts.
  • Filing relevant legal documents with government entities.