Hazem has over eight years of experience in civil, commercial, corporate, and criminal litigation in Egypt and the UAE. He has represented clients in diverse, complex civil and commercial cases. Hazem has handled numerous corporate and commercial litigation for large companies in the UAE.

In Dubai, he developed unique on-ground experience and expertise to handle employment, real estate, shareholders, investors, personal injuries, defamation, and family matters. Notably, Hazem has represented many clients in the enforcement of arbitral awards.



  • Advised multiple clients on KSA and UAE employment laws, reviewed their HR policies, and drafted employment contract templates to comply with relevant local laws.
  • Advised clients on UAE Emiratization regulations and end-of-service gratuity and pensions for Emiratis.
  • Advised a client on the legal aspects of life insurance provided to employees and how the mechanism works in case of an employee’s death.

Intellectual Property/TMT

  • Advised a developer on the possibility of copyrighting a project/city’s skyline under the KSA Copyright Law.
  • Assisted multiple clients with drafting cease-and-desist letters against entities selling counterfeit products or infringing their intellectual property rights.
  • Assisted clients with multiple trademark oppositions and appeals against trademark registration refusals before the UAE authorities.
  • Assisted multiple clients with multiple trademark registration specifications.
  • Advised a client suffering from intellectual property infringements in Egypt and Iraq on YouTube’s take-down policies and procedures.
  • Advised multiple clients on the applicable rules and regulations in the KSA and UAE on the use of medical and patient data, data storage, and transferring such data abroad.

Construction disputes

  • Assisted a sub-contractor by drafting correspondence (HSE contra charges) claimed by the main contractor in a significant Middle East airport arbitration.
  • Assisted a leading contractor in defending arbitration claims from multiple subcontractors based on a back-to-back clause.